Working Papers

Endogenous Political Legitimacy: The English Reformation and the Institutional Foundations of Limited Government

with Avner Greif

The Cultural Transmission of Trust Norms: Evidence from a Lab in the Field on a Natural Experiment [SSRN]

with Elira Karaja

A Theory of Cultural Revivals

with Murat Iyigun and Avner Seror

Culture and Colonial Legacy: Evidence from Public Goods Games

with Latika Chaudhary, Sriya Iyer, and Anand Shrivastava

A Time to Print, a Time to Reform

with Lars Boerner and Battista Severgnini

Institutional Entrepreneurs, Complex Contagion, and the Diffusion of Radical Innovations: The “Luther Effect” in the Spread of the Early Reformation

with Sascha O. Becker, Yuan Hsiao, and Steven Pfaff